Branding Salvador Espriu
Packaging for DAGU
Corporate Brochure Design for Consorci d’Aigües de Tarragona
Corporate video for Riegos del Alto Aragón
Corporate Identity for Deltamed. Assotiation of the Mediterranian Deltas.
Gran recapte d’aliments Banc dels Aliments 2009-2011
Corporate Identity for Joventut
Brand for BarçaTV
Corporate Identity for Altavilla Ascensori
Tv commercial background design for Twix
Didactic video for Comunitat de Regants del Canal de la Dreta de l’Ebre
Rice packaging design for deltamed. luxury rice and unforgettable flavor
Integrated campaign for bikes events in Barcelona
Calendari de l’Ermità<br>applications<br>identity
Campaign for young talents for the association of advertisers
Corporate Identity Ediversa
Book cover design proposal Sellbytel
Corporate<br> identity for Rosecwall
Corporate identity for Kliu Solutions
Proposal for the Museums Night in BCN
Corporate identity for Psicotec
1714 Tricentenari<br>Proposal Corporate Identity
Corporate identity F.Roca Rocadino
Corporate identity F.Roca
Pla Nacional de Valors
150th anniversary logo design for Calendari dels pagesos
Social cause poster design for Publicitarios Implicados.
Hidrocanal corporate stand for a congress 2010
Hidrocanal’s corporate stand for a congress 2005
Corporate identity Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona
Didactic video for Riegos del Alto Aragón. Water cycle for childs.
TV commercial for Riegos del Alto Aragón. Virtual water.
Political campaign ads for CDC Barcelona
Sculpture man thinking. Water man.
WaterInk Exhibition our vision of water
Corporate identity Design for Tarragona Congress Regantes
Brochure design for AMIC Assotiation. Jump to world of work.
Exhibition Tokyo contest for ICEX. Spain Goes Green
Art poster contest for Francisco Mantecón
Video animation video art festival Strobe
Corporate Identity proposal MatchRace
Corporate identity 150th Anniversary Right channel of the Ebro
Corporate Identity for Buera Tecnologia
Background pictures for TV ads for the firm Home English

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