Branding Salvador Espriu

We create the branding Salvador Espriu for the government of Catalonia as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of this famous Catalan poet .

It’s the first time we work for the goverment of Catalonia and we want to impress them.

We search the fantastic life of Salvador Espriu and observe that austerity , the presence of death and ill health of iron – as he define- it could provide clues about how it could be your profile.

And eureka, that we rely on to build your brand image. Then we also note that he always wrote with a pencil and had a particular handwriting. That’s why we started to create our first typography.

Austerity and calligraphy, and this is the result for the branding Salvador Espriu.

After we adapt all the paperwork , as you can see in the second image , to custom specifications with elegance and austerity.
We also proposed as could be a book cover a possible re-edited collection of books author using the face we work before in the branding Salvador Espriu.
What if it was made with great success is a concert poster which you can see here .
And finally , the great presentation ceremony at the Palau de la Música Catalana.


Country: Spain | Client: Departament de Cultura | Year: 2012
Corporate Image Any Salvador Espriu 1913/2013. Ens Mantindrem Fidels

Queralt Antú / OVNI

Graphic identity and typography OVNI Medialab to celebrate the centenary of Salvador Espriu

In short, it’s great to see all your country that people use your creation for cultural events of all kinds paying homage to the great Salvador Espriu .

branding salvador espriu
branding salvador espriu
branding salvador espriu
branding salvador espriu

novuolodesign is a creative studio based in Barcelona specialised in art direction, graphic design and motion graphics since 2003.
We help business and institutions to rise the value of their brands through more effective design and communication.

novuolodesign es un estudio creativo con sede en Barcelona especializado en dirección de arte, diseño gráfico y motion graphics desde 2003.
Ayudamos a las empresas e instituciones a aumentar el valor de sus marcas a través del diseño y la comunicación más eficaz.

novuolodesign és un estudi creatiu amb seu a Barcelona especialitzat en direcció d'art, disseny gràfic i motion graphics des de 2003.
Ajudem a les empreses i institucions a augmentar el valor de les seves marques a través del disseny i la comunicació més eficaç.

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