Sculpture man thinking. Water man.

Country: Spain | Client: Fenacore | Year: 2010

Sculpture of the man who is devoted to the field and water. The contest breafing clearly said we pay tribute to the man who suffers, working, fighting for their land. That’s why our small tribute, is a exquisite artwork using the formula of water created a man who can do those functions. Depending the view the sculpture man thinking from Rodin. Personally one of our best work.

novuolodesign is a creative studio based in Barcelona specialised in art direction, graphic design and motion graphics since 2003.
We help business and institutions to rise the value of their brands through more effective design and communication.

novuolodesign es un estudio creativo con sede en Barcelona especializado en dirección de arte, diseño gráfico y motion graphics desde 2003.
Ayudamos a las empresas e instituciones a aumentar el valor de sus marcas a través del diseño y la comunicación más eficaz.

novuolodesign és un estudi creatiu amb seu a Barcelona especialitzat en direcció d'art, disseny gràfic i motion graphics des de 2003.
Ajudem a les empreses i institucions a augmentar el valor de les seves marques a través del disseny i la comunicació més eficaç.

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